Tailor made suits London

Our Process: The Wardrobe Analysis, Measuring & Fitting

The initial consultation with our highly skilled Tailoring Consultants will last up to an hour in total and begins with a walk through your wardrobe, analysing everything in detail, establishing the major current and future needs. This is of course if you do want the full service as we are happy to simply take an order for suits, shirts, evening wear or smart-casual attire. Our tailor made suits are made by the best tailors who are committed detail, style and excellence. The cost of this is a (refundable upon order) £50 which can be purchased in advance here.

Once needs and wants have been established, it is then on to a look through relevant cloths, being careful to choose specific cloths for relevant purposes. Whether it be a waterproof wool, a heavy weight tweed or a super fine elegant cashmere blend, our skilled tailors will know exactly how to advise you. When matching tailor made suits, we will often match up shirts and ties and can also direct you to one of our package options to save time and hassle, ensuring your needs are satisfied all in one go.

Our tailors are dedicated to precision when it comes to made to measure suits. When the wardrobe analysis and cloth choice is complete it is then on to a detailed measurement and advice segment wherein we will take into account every aspect of your physique to ensure the best possible fit. This will look at your shoulder height, positioning of your head for example, width and depth of your body and any other elements of your physique which should be taken into account. Overall 15+ measurements will be taken, as well as photographs, to ensure nothing is missed.

We are specific with our fits, and ensure that we get it right with your bespoke suits. After 6-8 weeks (or sooner, depending on whether there are more urgent requirements) your clothing will be ready for first fit. This can take on 3 different formats depending upon which level of design you opt for in the initial stages. Our three different ranges are described here, along with the fitting processes for each.

Exceeding Expectations​

What our clients say about us​

Tim Hill

Positive: Quality

I had an excellent experience working with the Fielding & Nicholson team earlier this year. From the very first moment I entered their Mayfair showroom I knew I was in the right place.

Hitesh Patel

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I highly recommend Ian and the team at Fielding and Nicholson. I knew from the initial design consultation I was in good hands, Ian obviously knows his stuff.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Excellent Service and communication throughout. Their London showroom was a fantastic location to discuss all my requirements. Would highly recommend.

Simon Jones

Have 2 suits and now a shirt on the way! Lovely people to work with, very detailed and knowledgeable and picked out some

Great cloths for my work attire. Would highly recommend F&N

Benn Bromley

Positive: Quality

We created a suit with a lot of extra detail and style built into it and Ian was able to execute my demands perfectly and make me look better than ever in a suit. I would highly recommend as this is the best bespoke suit fitting experience I have had.

Mark Moore

Ian, thanks for helping us get the right fabric choice, and taking so much care on the fittings, to ensure the wedding suits fitted perfectly : We couldn't wait to get ready for the occasion, and were immensely comfortable throughout the event, including a pretty made evening - Perfect!

Uche Dimiri

Superb service delivered with a smile, from fabric selection all the way to final fitting, This is my first bespoke suit from Fielding & Nicholson, and it makes a big difference dealing with an experienced tailor. Everything was easy and seamless. For those looking to get a bespoke suit, I think it is well worth the time and money.

    Our Story

    Here at Fielding and Nicholson, we understand that the modern man wants classic style and traditional quality with a fresh look for the times they are in. Our elite and luxurious range of clothing offers all this and more. With years of experience in the tailored suits industry, our expert craftsmen understand the importance of having a personalised and custom made fit to suit each unique style.

    Browse our range of suits, shirts and accessories today to find out more. Whether you need a classy suit for that next business function or a stunning shirt for a weekend way, Fielding and Nicholson can help. We are proud to not only offer the best customer service and quality but also great value too.

    Craftsmanship, passion and devoted to customer satisfaction, our tailors go above and beyond for clients to make tailor made suits.

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    Every man deserves a tailor made suit. Fielding and Nicholson produce custom made, quality suiting to meet the highest standards. With a vast fabric range of exceptional materials, our tailors are dedicated to offering only excellent pieces.

    If you are looking for the best tailors London has to offer, then we are the people to trust. Our experienced tailors have been producing bespoke suits and stylish clothing for many years. This means that you get all this knowledge and expertise at your disposal when ordering attire from Fielding and Nicholson. In addition, we are committed to giving the best service to our wonderful clients when they come to us for their next purchase.

    With so many tailors in London, it can be hard to choose. We believe that our unique and personal approach helps us stand out. From hand-crafted suits that are bespoke to the individual to stylish shirts and high-end accessories, we offer the full package. We only work with the best cloth and materials to craft our range of clothing and give the best results that suit your needs.

    We know that no two men are the same, and neither are their styles. That is why we take tailored suits very seriously. By combining both comfort, style and perfect fitting, our tailors are committed to producing the perfect bespoke suits for their clients.

    London Tailors

    Set in the heart of Mayfair, 35 Sackville Street is a beautiful period property which houses our showroom, along with the house of Dormeuil, the home of luxury cloth.

    Our boutique studio allows clients to choose from over 5000 different cloths whilst sipping on their favourite beverage in a relaxed environment. Clients can also pre-select a playlist of their choice to enjoy their favourite music whilst making their selections.

    Our Bespoke Tailors cut and make garments so clients can witness this happening right in front of them. In addition to this we offer alterations to clients which can be turned around on the same day.

    Following the success of its London operation Fielding & Nicholson has now opened up with partnerships in Luxembourg, Zurich and New York. Schedule a meeting to see how we can help in any one of our international addresses.

    If you are looking for tailor made suits in London, you have come to the right place. Fielding and Nicholson are leaders in the industry and are committed to each customer’s unique fit and style to ensure they leave with 100% satisfaction.

    Wardrobe Analysis

    Step 1

    Gift Voucher

    Give the gift of tailoring to a friend with a bespoke wardrobe analysis Gift Card. Our highly experienced Tailoring Consultants will detail all the requirements they may have in their wardrobe, as well as suggested styling, colour profiling and a full measurement session.

    The perfect gift for any man is a tailor made suit. Our tailors are dedicated to their art in creating bespoke suits to fit any shape. Not only will they receive a gift card, but they will also receive impeccable service that provides value for a lifetime. Fielding and Nicholson offer a range of quality services to meet the highest standards. Each tailor is committed to ensuring the finest fit of tailor made suits, and all fits are precisely curated. They take the time to understand each individual unique style, and adapt their craft specifically for you.

    This £50 voucher will also be refunded as and when the client purchases anything from us. The card can also be loaded with as much cash value as you like to surprise your friend or get a 10% discount on your first order. Contact us to find our more